The Worldwide Rollout of 5G

The Worldwide Rollout of 5GWhat it means for the Telecommunication Industry? “By 2025, 5G networks are likely to cover one-third of the world’s population. The impact on the mobile industry and its customers will be profound”, according to The GSM Association, an industry organization that represents the interests of mobile network operators worldwide. 5G means…

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Wireless Carrier Bankruptcy

It’s a fact that the demand for connectivity increases as more and more devices require a wireless connection. In the UK, there are at least 23,000 cell towers, which is undoubtedly a considerable number, though perhaps it doesn’t sound as staggering compared to the 300,000 built in the US in the past 20 years. However, it’s also true that…

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3G/4G Rollouts

We don’t need to tell you that 3G and 4G coverage isn’t available everywhere. While technology is definitely changing fast and 3G/4G rollouts have been going on for years, some places still do not have coverage. Even if you buy the best or the newest smartphone on the market, you’re still not guaranteed fast network…

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