Global Mobile Mast Trends in 2024

It’s no surprise that users are relying more on connectivity. Below we’ll review global mast trends to look out for in 2024.

There will be a continued push towards 5G globally

As individuals and businesses increasingly rely on faster connectivity, there is a greater need for speed and a healthy network latency. Operators globally will continue to push for greater 5G connectivity. Both the ones demanding—consumers and businesses—and those supplying the technology—operators—are on board to increase 5G connectivity.

Consumers and businesses are eager for widespread 5G adoption, putting pressure on operators to have the technology available. Operators are working quickly to get the technology to as many users as possible. While it took nine years to reach 1.5 billion 4G connections, it took only five years for the same figure to reach 5G connections, according to “The Telecoms Industry in 2024: Trends to Watch” report by GSMA Intelligence.

Here are some interesting stats: 5G mobile connections constituted nearly 40 percent of total mobile connections in North America in 2022, according to a 2023 study reported by Statista. This share is forecast to exceed 90 percent by 2030. While the exact number of current 5G connections globally is yet to be determined, GSMA Intelligence forecasts 1.6 billion 5G mobile connections globally. Looking forward, by the end of 2027 alone, 5.9 billion 5G connections are expected, according to Circle ID.

Businesses will also see more adoption of 5G, both because of the demand by business owners and the supply by the operators. “Throughout 2024, operators will continue to push their 5G-enabled enterprise offerings, including progress with network slicing, multi-access edge computing (MEC), and custom enterprise networks. This will be key to driving 5G monetization at a larger scale in the coming years,” reports GSMA Intelligence.

Furthermore, as 5G-enabled IoT devices and applications reach more users, mobile core networks will be crucial in facilitating seamless connectivity, according to Custom Market Insights. The continued global 5G rollout will demand the network infrastructure to support it, leading to a greater demand for and investment in mobile masts and equipment.

Coverage gaps and network reliability demand installing more small cells

“Some experts anticipate that U.S. mobile operators will spend more on their small cell deployments in the coming months and use the technology to fill in coverage gaps and boost capacity in their 5G networks,” reports Fierce Wireless.

Overall, consumers are using more data. To work remotely, stream videos, and use connected devices, consumers expect high network reliability and security, notes a report by GSMA Intelligence. Operators should focus on optimizing the customer experience by providing customer-premises equipment that addresses dead spots, states the report. This can be addressed by installing small cells in buildings or condominiums.

“Joe Madden, founder and lead analyst at Mobile Experts predicts that now that operators have deployed much of their 5G macro network, they will turn their attention to small cells and use the technology to fill in coverage gaps, solve capacity issues and provide in-building coverage,” notes Fierce Wireless.

Small cells provide a solution for the increased demand in coverage gaps.

Cell tower landlords will benefit from business partnerships

Landlords with cell towers on their properties will continue to see the positive effects of selling their cell site leases to APWireless. This is how the transaction works: APWireless develops partnerships with existing cell tower landlords in North and South America, Europe, and Australia, providing landlords with a lump-sum payment in exchange for the right to receive the future rent associated with the cell towers on their property.

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In 2024, landlords from all around the world will continue to gain great benefits by partnering with APWireless.

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