What Is The Process?


We recognize your needs are as unique as you are, and before presenting any kind of offer on your cell tower or rooftop lease, we take the time to understand those needs. During initial discussions, we make sure to include all the decision makers, educating you about the wireless industry and where the market is headed.


After you have provided us with a copy of your cell tower lease, we analyze it in the context of your goals. We inform you of any particular risks we uncover in the lease.


Next, we present you with a financial offer, often tailoring it to fit your goals. We can structure a cell tower lease buyout in many ways, and since each situation is unique we do not apply a cookie-cutter mentality.


Once you have agreed to the terms, we do our due diligence: we gather and review documents related to your cell tower lease. During this step, our legal and administrative support team communicates with you all along the way, giving you clear visibility into the status of your cell tower lease buyout.


We are well-capitalized and have the experience of handling thousands of cell tower lease buyouts; we can therefore close the transaction quickly and immediately wire the funds to you. Often you can have your money in less than 30 days from start to finish.


Lastly, if we have entered into a cell site marketing and management agreement with you, we will maintain an ongoing relationship that will benefit you throughout the life of the lease.

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