APWireless Announces over $100M in Cell Site Lease Investments

The leading cell site lease investment firm is on the move

San Diego (June 9, 2015) – AP Wireless Infrastructure Partners, LLC (“APWireless”), a leading global wireless telecommunications cell site lease investment firm, announces that the company recently surpassed $100M in cell site lease buyouts outside the United States, encompassing operations in 13 countries on five continents. With this milestone, APWireless controls more international cell site leases than any other company, with more than 2,100 worldwide.

In 2010, APWireless began investing in cell site leases in the United States, and has since made significant inroads into the worldwide cell site lease investment market, primarily in North America, South America and Europe. It has done business with thousands of landlords and over 50 leading carriers worldwide.

In a short time APWireless has emerged as the leading global investment firm in the relatively young cell site lease buyout industry. Rather than purchasing physical wireless infrastructure, such as towers, APWireless invests in the cash that flows from wireless carriers to landlords. By paying an upfront lump sum to the landlord, APWireless gains ownership of the leasing contract (leasehold interest) through which the landlord received rent from a carrier. APWireless continues to receive long-term, predictable returns in the form of monthly rent for thousands of cell sites.

APWireless is the first mover in many global markets in Europe, Asia, Australia, South and North America and has a far greater global reach than any of the company’s competitors. APWireless is able to successfully operate on a global scale by employing local wireless industry professionals in each country. Recognizing that every client and every market is different, APWireless bases its solutions on local laws, financial concepts, customs and languages. By taking these factors and global best practices into the account, APWireless is able to take the approach of a professional services organization, rather than simply acting as a sales organization.

The company continues to accelerate. Wholly-owned and funded by Associated Partners, LP and KKR & Co., LP, APWireless has invested approximately $230 million to date. After investing $65 million in 2014 and projecting investments of nearly $100 million in 2015, APWireless foresees investments exceeding $1 billion over the next five years.

To learn more about APWireless, visit www.apwip.com.

About APWireless

Headquartered in San Diego, APWireless is the first global wireless telecommunications cell site lease investment firm. APWireless is focused on the strategic acquisition and management of cell site leases across the United States and abroad. The company’s assets include ground, tower, rooftop and in-building cell site leases. Founded in 2010, the company continues to grow exponentially. For more information visit www.apwip.com.