Benefits Of A Lease Buyout

Be Secure

Wireless networks are highly complex and change continually to accommodate technology advances and operating constraints. While new cell towers are constantly being built, others are being taken down, leaving landlords with empty contracts in their hands. A cell tower lease buyout completely eliminates the financial risk of site decommissions and rent reductions for the landlord.

Gain Control

By choosing a cell tower lease buyout, you unlock the future value of your cell tower lease today. Simply put, it allows you to use your money in other ways rather than having it tied up in a cell tower lease over which you have limited control.

Earn More

What could you do with a cell tower lease buyout? Whether you put the money into a business, fund new programs, or take a dream vacation, the long-term value of investing in your area of expertise, or in something that is important to you, can far outweigh the amount of rent you might receive from your cell tower lease.

“‘We are glad that we made the deal. We were able to make another investment and it has worked out really well for us.”

– Jay Johnston