3 Key Differentiators of APWireless, as told by our Landlords

The security that comes with selling your cell site lease to APWireless is hugely beneficial. When you sell your cell site lease to APWireless, you guarantee payment and receive a lump sum for the cell tower lease, even if the tower company terminates the lease. You keep your lump sum and APWireless assumes the risk.

We asked landlords to share their experiences with us and explain what sets APWireless apart. Here’s what they said.

Flexibility of Terms

Landlords shared that one of the key differentiators of working with APWireless is choosing  their buyout terms based on their unique financial goals and aspirations.

Whether you are putting funds aside to start a family, buy a home, or retire, with APWireless you can incorporate those plans into your cell site lease buyout terms.

Landlords shared that as soon as they started speaking with an APWireless Acquisitions Director, they began to formulate the best-case scenario for them based on their own lifestyle and plans. For instance, if you need a specific amount of money by a certain date to make a big-ticket item payment, such as the deposit for an apartment, a home or office remodel, or the installation of a pool or parking lot, you can arrange to receive a lump sum by your target date.

With APWireless, each cell site lease buyout is made unique to the landlord, and we are flexible with the terms and work with you.


With nearly 10,000 cell site lease buyouts, our portfolio is vast. Our leadership has more than two decades of experience working with thousands of cell tower lease buyouts across the globe.

Our experienced Acquisitions Directors, with a wide variety of skill sets, are used to negotiating with speed, even in complex cases.

Lindsey W., one of our clients from Texas, said, “I want to thank APWireless for making the process of selling my cell tower lease easy. All questions were answered and were quickly responded to. I was impressed with the quick payment of the funds.”

APWireless is well-capitalized — that’s why we can close the transaction quickly and immediately wire the funds to you.

“As promised, upon receipt of the necessary documentation, you forwarded payment to us in a timely manner,” said Guy Copenhaver, one of our clients in Washington state.

People Centric

Landlords collectively share that they enjoy working with our Acquisitions Directors. They’ve expressed that they are surprised by the close relationship they build with their Acquisitions Director.

Frank F., a cell tower landlord from Ohio, said, “I really need to emphatically say that this is by far my favorite telephone experience in any and all situations. The best communicators, clear voice, very polite, courteous, very knowledgeable, and very professional.”

Our Acquisitions Directors are passionate about communicating with landlords and informing them at each step of the process. “The Acquisitions Director made me feel very comfortable speaking with him at all times,” said Farmer.

“I was always looking forward to hearing from the Acquisitions Director,” he added. “There was never any high-pressure sales coming from the director to me. He actually, truthfully made me feel like family, seriously. It was truly a fun experience working with them.”

For more information on selling your cell site lease, contact an experienced Acquisitions Director at APWireless at www.apwip.com or call 888-232-2740.