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Land providers in the context of the European Commission’s planned Gigabit Infrastructure Act

In February 2023, the European Commission published the draft Gigabit Infrastructure Act (GIA), a regulation designed to replace the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive (BCRD) of 2014, with the aim… Read more

Verizon hints at small cell acceleration in 2023

Verizon CTO Ed Chan said the operator plans to speed up its small cell buildout starting in 2023… Read more

US 5G Spectrum auction sees T-Mobile win largely uncontested

T-Mobile prove the runaway winner at the Federal Comminications Commission (FCC)’s latest 5G spectrum auction… Read more

Broadband gets $65 billion in U.S. infrastructure bill – here’s what happens next

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill after months of political wrangling, sending the legislation… Read More

Altice USA CEO confirms Suddenlink deal talks, says now is ‘right time’ to explore sale

Altice USA CEO Dexter Goei verified reports that the operator is exploring a sale of its Suddenlink assets in response to inquiries from several… Read More

Shentel to sell its 2.5 GHz spectrum assets

Shentel is planning to sell its 2.5 GHz spectrum licenses that it’s using for its Beam Internet fixed wireless access (FWA) service… Read More

Upgrading cell towers could save enough energy to power entire cities

Artificial intelligence can create massive efficiencies in the management of telecom cell sites, and with hardware and software upgrades, the power consumed by the sites could be cut by 40%… Read More

Last 3G Mobile Phone Network Will Shut Down by End of Year

After AT&T and T-Mobile completed shutdowns of their 3G wireless networks in the first six months of this year, Verizon remained as the only provider of the nearly obsolete service… Read More

Tarana’s fiber-like FWA tech draws attention from BT, MTN, Wisper

Tarana Wireless has long pitched its fixed wireless access (FWA) technology as an alternative to fiber broadband and it seems the company has caught the ear of some major service providers… Read More

Co-location Makes FCC Voting Agenda

The FCC has a plethora of telecom items to vote on later this month. Co-location of wireless equipment on existing towers is a top item, as are rules to create a new rural 5G fund… Read More

T-Mobile’s 600 MHz standalone 5G network

In Early August, T-Mobile claimed a world’s first with the launch of a nationwide standalone 5G network that uses its 600 MHz spectrum. T-Mo initially launched its 600 MHz 5G network last year and reached nationwide coverage–200 million people covered–using the non-standalone architecture… Read More

Dish, T-Mobile agree Sprint asset sale deadline

Satellite service provider Dish Network and T-Mobile US laid to rest speculation a deal involving the sale of Sprint’s prepaid assets was in jeopardy by setting a new completion date for the transaction… Read More

Carr: 5G Upgrade Plan Will Make 4-to-5G Antenna Swaps Easier

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr calls his 5G upgrade plan, “a further accelerator for 5G builds.” The declaratory ruling the agency has on its June meeting agenda stems from clarifications to Section 6409 of the Communications Act that the Wireless Infrastructure Association and CTIA asked for in 2019… Read More

Dish selects Mavenir software for OpenRAN on 5G network

Dish: ‘An OpenRAN architecture provides the opportunity to utilize “a diverse technology ecosystem’… Read More

US operators press on with 5G work

US operators insisted 5G deployments remain on track, despite hurdles caused by the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic… Read More

US Cellular constantly activating 5G, advanced LTE sites, says CTO

US Cellular began its 5G journey in two of its most vital markets, Iowa and Wisconsin, launching its first networks early this year. While the operator has already delivered next-gen services… Read More

With US Cellular launch, Wisconsin city gets a 5G network

The Wisconsin launch represents the first phase of a multi-year 5G network expansion. In October, U.S. Cellular announced plans to rollout 5G technology for customers in Iowa and Wisconsin… Read More

Dish plans open RAN approach for 5G network

Dish Network chairman Charlie Ergen revealed the company will use an open RAN architecture for its future 5G network, a decision he said will allow it to experiment with innovative new vendors and technologies… Read More

The heat is on: As 5G fever builds, US mobile operators need to keep a sharp focus on the secondary device market customer experience

While we don’t know exactly when and how quickly the fifth generation of smartphone technology, or 5G, may spread beyond a handful of large cities, there’s no debate about this: 5G is coming… Read More

T-Mobile makes nationwide 5G play

T-Mobile US drastically extended its 5G footprint to cover 60 per cent of the country’s population using low-band 600MHz spectrum, in a move which somewhat forces consumers to ch… Read More

Sprint turns on 5G in four more markets

Sprint today launched what it calls “true 5G” in four more markets: Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Phoenix. The launch follows earlier commercial releases in… Read More

5G network revenue to surpass $4B in 2020

Global 5G network infrastructure revenue is tipped to almost double between 2019 and 2020, hitting $4.2 billion as 5G rollouts begin to accelerate over the next 12 months. Analyst … Read More

Deutsche Telekom confident U.S. merger will still deliver cost savings

Deutsche Telekom said on Thursday it still expects the merger of its U.S. unit T-Mobile with Sprint to generate $43 billion in cost savings even after tweaking the deal to secure a… Read More

Verizon confirms that it will no longer activate 3G phones

Existing 3G customers still have through 2019 to upgrade to a 4G LTE phone. Verizon is tolling the death knell for 3G phones. You don’t have to bring out your dead just yet… Read More

Mobile Experts predicts small cell market to hit $5.2B by 2024

The LTE small cell market saw a strong year in 2018, according to a new report published by Mobile Experts. LTE small cell unit shipments grew 20{e4265696edf70b21548929bc99416bc952786e6906df2a45a75f150867fe8318} year over year in 2018, as did re… Read More

T-Mobile ramps merger rhetoric as regulators waver

T-Mobile US CEO John Legere (pictured, left) trotted out familiar pro-consumer arguments in a fresh campaign favouring a proposed merger with Sprint, as rumours swirled a key US co… Read More

Verizon will soon offer 5G in select cities for $10 extra

How much would a 5G connection be worth to you? Verizon is hoping at least $10 more a month. The carrier will start offering 5G service in parts of Chicago and Minneapolis on April… Read More

Analyst Says S/TMUS Merger May Impact Towers More Than Expected

The looming impact of a merger between T-Mobile and Sprint and its effect on the tower market has been a growing topic of conversation between Jennifer Fritzsche, Managing Director… Read More

Opposition to T-Mobile/Sprint merger grows

The 4Competition Coalition, an alliance against the proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, has gained the support of two rural wireless carriers and the Wireless Internet Service … Read More