Municipal & Government Entities

Town of Lancaster


The Town of Lancaster was very pleased with the selection of APWireless as its vendor for cellular tower lease assignments. The transaction was made administratively simple and funds were received expeditiously.

The Town of Lancaster used the proceeds from the lease assignment to start funding its retiree health insurance obligations, also known as its “Other Post Employment Benefits Trust.” The funds are invested with an anticipated rate of return between 7-9%. The overall transaction was a “win-win” since the Town did not have the expertise to manage the site(s) in this ever changing industry but was able to use the proceeds in a manner that turned the 1-time revenue, into a recurring revenue source due to continuous investment income.

I was very impressed with the responsiveness and communication from the APWireless Team. I would highly recommend working with them in the future.

Orlando Pacheco
Purchasing Agent/Energy Manager
City of Haverhill
(Former Town Administrator-Lancaster, MA)

Town of Appomattox, Virginia

I am writing to inform you that the Town of Appomattox, Virginia has received its first installment of seven (7) installments for the purchase of its five (5) cell site leases. While this is the first time the Town has gone through a process such as this you were very helpful and up front from the beginning as we went through the Request for Bid and negotiation process.

Also the contract negotiation process with the legal department, was extremely flexible regarding the language of the contract when working with our Town Manager and Town Attorney. We are very satisfied with the final product in that we feel it protects the Town in the future while allowing APWireless the protection it needs for such a large investment in the purchase of these five (5) site leases.

In the future should you have a potential client that may be interested in the sale of their cell site leases please feel free to direct them to our Town Manager. I feel sure that he will be more than willing to share the Town of Appomattox’s experience with APWireless. While there was a lot of skepticism on the part of some of our Town Council about selling the cell site leases we have found first hand going through the bid process that APWireless lives up to its promises regarding the financial compensation package.

I was a pleasure working with you in particular and I sincerely appreciate your patience over the months it took our Council to get comfortable with this deal.

With Kindest Regards,

Dr. Paul D. Harvey – Mayor, Town of Appomattox, Virginia
Appomattox, VA

Sweetwater Union High School District, CA

The school district had entered into discussions to assign some of its cell tower leases to APWireless prior to my assuming the role of Interim CFO. During the finalization of the agreement APWireless took the time to meet with me to understand the goals the district was trying to achieve. After that, they came back with a series of options to select from, to meet those goals. I found them to be highly professional and informative. I would recommend APWireless for consideration by any organization looking to achieve early funding via the assignment of longer term leasing agreements.

Richard Knott – Former Interim Chief Financial Officer

Lower Paxton Township

As Manager of Lower Paxton Township, I am pleased to provide this professional recommendation for APWireless, as it relates to its business dealings with our community. APWireless was the successful bidder on the Township’s sale of its lease of land to American Tower Corporation for use as a cellular telephone tower site. This transaction was completed over the past several months. The bid submitted by APWireless possessed a properly executed form of proposal, a non-collusion affidavit, and a bid bond. The entire bid package was documentation provided to indicate compliance with the Township’s bid specifications.

Paul, APWireless Managing Director, was completely professional in the submission of a proposal to Lower Paxton Township and in completing the transaction to purchase the Township’s cellular telephone tower site lease. Paul possessed a sincere interest in and desire to work with Lower Paxton Township. It is my sincere belief that APWireless is worthy of your consideration as a potential purchaser of your cellular telephone tower site lease. Thanks you for considering this recommendation. If you have any questions or desire additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

George Wolfe, Township Manager
Lower Paxton, PA

Orange Village, OH

APWireless had the most flexible and innovative approach. I haven’t always been in favor of these types of deals where forward rents are exchanged for an upfront sum. However, in dealing with APWireless, their flexibility really made a difference and they were clearly the easiest company to work with. Orange Village had some special circumstances, such as the need for public safety equipment on the tower and certain unique transfer/assignment of ownership concerns.

Unlike the other companies we talked to, APWireless was willing to work with the Village on all our specifics, and at the end of the day saw the most value in our tower. This was reflected in the check they wrote to the Village, about 20% more and with better terms and conditions than any of the offers made by the competition. Economically, APWireless was ahead of the pack and put the best deal on the table.

Chris Miller – Special Legal Counsel of Orange Village