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Guy Copenhaver | December 2019

I just wanted to thank you for all the help and information you offered us during our recent fiber hut easement transfer with APWireless. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to contact you very easily with any questions and you were kind enough to return my calls promptly. As promised, upon receipt of the necessary documentation, you forwarded payment to us in a timely manner.

Link Fannon | November 2018

I wanted to take some time to thank you for all your help in closing the cell tower deal. I was under a very difficult set of circumstances due to my business partners untimely death. He was the one that was dealing with the negotiations. I knew nothing about it. You took time to explain everything, reexplain everything, and walk me through all the necessary steps. Due to the time zone difference between yourself and Alaska, you took time out of your evenings to discuss the process. That was truly thoughtful of you. When you discovered the federal tax lien mistake, you jumped right in and figured everything out!!! In short, your professionalism combined with your deep knowledge of the process made it a true pleasure to work with you. Thanks again, and if you ever make it to Alaska, I definitely owe you a steak dinner!

Wasilla, AK

John Dancer | November 2018

Fair, great response and follow up, did what they said they would do. Dwayne Reyes made the whole experience simple and straight forward, constant contact by the team helped make the deal go smooth and made it a more comfortable transaction.

Southlake, Texas

Winfred Allen | October 2018

Dwayne contacted me and gave me an excellent overall view of the cell tower business and made me comfortable about what was going on. He did a good job in working out the details of the sale and guiding it through the due diligence period and closing.

Humboldt, TN

Gary Stull | June 2018 View

I am the owner of a 400’ tall radio tower that provides service for a local few tenants, as well as Verizon Wireless. Over the years I have been contacted numerous times asking to purchase various aspects of this property; the Verizon contract, the entire tower, or various combinations of shared ownership. I have entertained a few offers for a brief time, but hadn’t ever gotten very serious about selling.

About mid-April of this year I received a call from Alan Washizaki, who identified himself as being with AP Wireless, and express interest in purchasing just the Verizon contract portion of the asset.

As of yesterday, AP Wireless is the new owner of this Verizon contract.

I am writing this to express my sincere appreciation for Alan, and how smoothly the entire process went from initiation to execution. Alan was (is) personable, and therefore instilled confidence in me towards himself and AP Wireless while in the beginning stages of this lengthy process. We exchanged countless phone calls and emails over the last 2 ½ months. He kept me very well informed of expectations, and followed up on every need and consideration via phone, text or email. There were no surprises or disappointments. Any misunderstandings were dealt with promptly and efficiently, and were revealed to be just that, a misunderstanding. All had been clarified beforehand, but I had forgotten a detail or two. If the process was a little more lengthy than “normal”, it would have been because of the attorney that I had engaged. They were very thorough it seemed, maybe excessively so. But all in all, everyone played well together, with Alan leading the symphony.

So I thank AP Wireless for purchasing this contract, and especially Alan Washizaki whom initiated this opportunity and ultimately brought it to pass!


Gary Stull
Covington, OH

Lyn and Lois Gay | June 2018

We would like to thank you so much Dwayne, for assisting us in reaching an agreement with your company. It was very nice to work with someone who was so patient and willing to answer any questions we had. We are very pleased with how you handled the process and got us everything we were hoping for. It was a pleasure working with you, and we appreciate all you have done for us.

Washington, GA

Charles Rademan | April 2018

Thank you, Dwayne, for assisting us in reaching an agreement with your company, APWireless. It was very nice to work with someone who was willing to answer any questions we had. The whole transaction process went very well and we are very satisfied with how you handled everything. It was a pleasure working with you.

Lohman, MO

Michael Taromina | December 2017

The transaction we just completed with APWireless can be credited primarily to Jeff and the APWireless team expertise and professionalism.
They were able to negotiate and facilitate a complex transaction expeditiously which was of high importance to our firm.

East Orange, NJ

John Loghry | August 2017

I simply felt, of all the off people that contacted me, Alan was the most candid, honest, and pleasurable individual to deal with. He was certainly the most straight forward and was certainly fair with the APWireless offer. Certainly more knowledgeable than most other bidders.

Yuma, AZ

M. Eternick | July 2017

The process to get the deal closed with APWireless was a good experience. They were very supportive and provided the most favorable legal terms. We will be able to reinvest in another property with the lump sum (1031 exchange). I would recommend APWireless.

Waterloo, WI

Lou Hionis | May 2017

After several calls through out several years with APWireless sales rep. AJ contacted me and explained that he was taking over the sales call and wanted to reach out to me if we could get a deal done. Timing was at the right time to start negotiations. I explain my needs to AJ. He agreed that he thought the deal could get done. He was very professional and informative on how to the process would take place. I felt very comfortable negotiating with him. He was very supportive on how I expected the contact to be drafted. The deal got done! It was a pleasure to work with you AJ, thanks.

Mendenhall, PA

Gordon Hammers | March 2017

The reason why I decided to go with APWireless is because they provided the most favorable legal terms, offered future revenue, and followed up with the promise of a quick closure. APWireless presented an excellent customer service. With the lump sum APWireless paid, I was able to pay my mortgage. If you collect rent from a cell site I recommend partnering up with APWireless.

Potrero, CA

Joe & Kim McNees | February 2017

Working will Jeff made it an enjoyable experience. I did not feel any high pressure sales pitch. He did what he said he would do and on time. I am looking forward to the future to see if APWireless can bring in some new revenue to the tower. Thank you.

New Market, IA

Mark Holst | February 2017

Jeff did a fine job in our negotiations to sell our rights to the US Cellular tower on our property. He kept us informed at each stage of the process and took care to address all of our questions and issues satisfactorily. He not only represented his company professionally but also did a good job at meeting our concerns as well. We appreciate his work to conclude the sale in a fair and timely manner.

Augusta, IL

Sierra Diablo Associates, LTD | January 2017

In December 2016 we sold two cell leases to APWireless. Front to back, working with APWireless was a very good experience. APWireless’ staff was very professional. They responded quickly, kept us updated on the progress of our transaction, and remained faithful to our original deal as we worked our way through document finalization and closing. Ed, Scott & Annie did an excellent job getting our transaction to the finish line. I recommend APWireless to anyone looking to do a cell site lease pre-payment, as a company that works hard, keeps its word and performs in a timely manner.

Christopher Gill, TX

Michael Rauch | December 2016

Working with Alan was a wonderful experience. He explained the whole process very well and communicated what was needed as we worked through the process. He was always accurate with the information and always did what he said he would do. I would highly recommend dealing with Alan and APWireless on the sale of a cell tower lease. Alan, thanks again for all your help with this transaction.

Michael Rauch
Newport News, VA

Paul Roderick | December 2016

It was very easy to work with AJ. I enjoyed working with him, with no high pressure.

Paul Roderick
Westernport, MD

Carolyn Tolliver | December 2016

Jeff, it has been great working with you. From the beginning you helped by answering all my questions and concerns. At no time did I feel that I was pressured in anyway. When I did have questions, they all got answered in a timely manner and you always followed up to ensure that there was no other questions or concerns.

The process with APWireless has been very professional. Thank you for all you did. I am hopeful that you all can add other towers, but satisfied if not.

Carolyn Tolliver
Auburn, WA

David and Linda Hutchings | October 2016

I have worked with APWireless on the purchase of two cell towers. The first transaction went so smooth they were a shoe-in for the sales of the second tower 4 years later. Any questions that we had were answered quickly, the paperwork was clear and we were kept appraised of the progress of the transaction. The APWireless staff is extremely professional and efficient.

Shawn Hutchings (son)
Soldotna, AK

Jack Karp | October 2016

Generally, my experience was very good. Standard forms needed to be reviewed but staff was very thorough, polite, and professional.

Jack Karp
Corona, CA

James Boles | June 2016

I was very pleased with the service I received from Jeff. I was very hesitant initially to sell any rights I had, but every concern that was holding me back was addressed with no pressure. I did end up making a sale, and am very confident I made the right decision. Jeff's service, attention, and quick understanding of my concerns made this cell site lease transaction a very pleasant experience.

James Boles
Childress, TX

Jack and Rose Vaughan | June 2016

APWireless was very easy to work with. They understood the tax ramifications and were willing to work with us in structuring the deal to our requirements. They offered the best price for the cell tower and offered additional opportunity for additional income potential in the future. APWireless contacts were knowledgeable and had no hesitation in answering our questions and concerns. We found APWireless to be very professional and friendly in our dealings with them.

Jack and Rose Vaughan
Pague, OK

Darrell Porche | March 2016

I had a very pleasant experience with APWireless. Both Mike and Matt were very helpful with our decision to enlist APWireless to promote the communications tower located on my property.

Darrell Porche
Melville, LA

Joanna P. Schantz | February 2016

I cannot recommend APWireless enough. Greg guided me through the whole process with personalized care and service. Greg was available to answer any questions that I might have and made the process so much easier. I had considered many other companies before I chose APWireless, and I am so glad that I chose them. They were the best company to deal with, and I’m so happy with the outcome!

Joanna P. Schantz
Mascoutah, IL

Bob & Sue Clemmer | January 2016 View

Greg was my contact person and he was and is very professional and courteous and helpful. We had two offers, it seemed like APWireless was more interested in helping us. The second option offered more money, but it seemed Greg was more interested in my needs and better service.

Bob & Sue Clemmer
Lawton, OK

Jean Ellingson | January 2016

I can’t thank you enough for facilitating my recent transactions with APWireless. I was hesitant and skeptical. The fact that you were always there to answer my questions and provide the information I asked for encouraged me to continue with the business at hand and finally get it completed in a short time, just as you said we could. You provided me with lots of security and confidence. I learned to trust you completely, and I was right in doing so. Getting the business completed turned out to be much more complex than I could have imagined. You were always the one who caused the important things to get done in a very efficient manner. I don’t think I would have continued without your help and support. You are very good at what you do and I can’t thank you enough. I wish our circumstances were different so we could meet and be friends. I’m sure I would enjoy knowing you better.

Jean Ellingson
Frederick, CO

Gary Waddell | November 2015

I am a retired iron worker in my 70’s and 12 years ago a carrier approached me about putting a cell tower on my property. It took a couple of years to be built. I recently sold my lease to APWireless and I am pleased with the transaction and the professional courtesy displayed throughout. Also, APWireless went above and beyond in straightening out two 35 years old liens. More importantly, the money paid to me for my site was substantial and I am sure it will help. More than that, Matt was courteous and he kept me abreast of the proceedings. I would highly recommend APWireless and Matt to all cell sites owners.

Gary Waddell
Loomis, CA

Kristi Briley | November 2015

My experience was fantastic with APWireless. I was very skeptical at first, but Ben was very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to answer all my questions. The whole process from start to finish was simple and effortless on my part. I would recommend the APWireless team to anyone contemplating selling their cell tower lease.

Kristi Briley
San Angelo, TX

Tom and Brandie Campbell | November 2015

In 2013 I was contacted by Kimberly at APWireless. From that day on Kim and her legal team were very patient with answering all my questions and concerns. There were many hurdles to get over, but they never gave up when I was at a standstill and would go out of their way to help me get past them all. They were always there helping me every step of the way. APWireless assisted me for 3 years as I worked through issues like taxes and mortgages so we could move forward with our deal. I am now debt and mortgage free! I appreciate all that Kim, Annie and her team have done for me. Thank you all.

Tom and Brandie Campbell
Westville, OK

Sandra Eden | October 2015

Everyone at APWireless was very professional and courteous as well as very knowledgeable in the whole process. All of the paperwork for the transaction was provided to us in a timely manner and all questions answered. They also offered the most money for the lease and the best percentage to us if they should sign on other carriers. We plan to add to our savings with the extra money and would highly recommend APWireless to other potential clients.

Sandra Eden
Johnson, NE

Ahlstrom West Carrollton LLC | October 2015

I am writing to thank you for making the recent acquisition of our cellular facility a fast and efficient transaction. The legal team lead by Rachael was very responsive and easy to contact during the whole process. They made the contract review and proposed changes we needed an easy process allowing for us to close quickly on the property. The final closing process with Shelley from Fidelity National Title was also effortless. Fidelity made the arrangements with a notary to show up at our site with the pre-approved closing documents making the closing of the transaction very effective. All of your hard work in bringing this project together and to final close is greatly appreciated. You made this entire transaction process shockingly simple. Our group did not anticipate the ease at which this acquisition would occur. Thank you again for all of your hard work and please thank the rest of the team at APWireless for keeping our transaction on schedule and making the process seamless.

Brandon Carpenter
Windsor Locks, CT

Karen King | September 2015

Alan and everyone at APWireless, thank you so much for helping me with my tower lease transaction. I have told several people about how you helped me with so many concerns and how you explained everything to me, each and every time I called. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you and your company to anyone interested in tower leasing. Thank you again.

Karen King
Newburg, MO

Tim and Mary David | September 2015

Mr. Reyes was a pleasure to work with throughout the complete transaction process as he was very professional, courteous and above all available at all times to answer any questions that we had. The whole process was seamless as Mr. Reyes and APWireless lined up everything to take care of the transaction even though we were thousands of miles apart.

Tim and Mary David
Norfolk, NE

Heather Young | August 2015

The Young family would like to thank APWireless for changing our lives. As a family doing our best to get by week to week, this gift has put us on a solid rock. We are no longer in debt, and we are able to finish work on our house. The staff that we worked with was wonderful. They were willing to answer any questions or concerns. Mike was so helpful to Donnie and I. We felt when we had any questions or didn’t understand, we could call him. He was so friendly, prompt and willing to take his time to help us. I only regret not having met him in person. We would like to thank APWireless and its staff for everything.

Heather Young
Monticello, KY

Fred Rourk | August 2015

I would like to take a moment and thank everyone at APWireless for their part in my tower lease transaction. Particularly Alan who was always patient and knowledgeable helping me understand the process. He was prompt responding to my concerns and needs and saw to it that they were met and everything went smoothly. Alan, you and your team have earned my trust and vote of confidence. I wouldn't hesitate recommending you and your company to other owners considering doing business. Thanks again, and if you are ever in Missouri stop and visit.

Fred Rourk
Richland, MO

Kellie Faigle | July 2015

When I was first contacted by Michael of APWireless, I was very skeptical, but curious of what they would offer for my cell tower lease. Michael was honest, professional and very helpful in getting our family the best deal possible. He was patient and incredibly resourceful throughout the entire process. We were delighted with his service and recommend him as an honest and knowledgeable agent for anyone looking to get the most out of their cell tower lease. Thank you for all of your help.

Kellie Faigle
Springville, PA

Carol Huser | July 2015

Mike, I want to thank you again for your help in arranging and finalizing my father's cell tower lease sale. Because he is 90 years old, much of the work fell to me, and I want you to know that thanks to you and Rachel, I couldn't have asked for a smoother, more efficient process. Your patience, competence and constant availability meant a lot. Working with you was a pleasure.

Carol Huser
Cape Coral, FL

Sandra Eden | June 2015

Joseph, I have the following to say: our experience with APWireless has been outstanding. We started the process with exchanges of information via letter first, then phone and e-mail on approximately April 5th. We couldn't make up our minds at first, and no one was pushy just gave us the time to think things through. Sara, Joseph and Rachel were excellent to work with - very professional in every aspect of the process. Because of our unusual situation with two adult kids involved in two separate states, the notaries even met with us on the weekends. Couldn't have asked for a better amount of cooperation from everyone. Our deal was funded by June 15th, and again, each step was exactly as we had been told it would be.

Sandra Eden
Johnson, NE

Professional Environmental Systems | June 2015

About one year ago, a couple of lease buyout firms approached me regarding the possibility of purchasing the revenue stream from cell tower lease. Kimberly, from APWireless, is a great person to work with. She took the time to go over all of the aspects of the transaction. She assisted my team to resolve issues on our side. She truly cared about the people who she is working with not just the deal.
APWireless presented themselves in a very professional manner, I must commend both Kimberly and Rachel’s patience, and personal attention that really made this experience rewarding. I must say the creative options presented by Kim’s team worked in our unique situation. APWireless doesn’t just “talk the talk” they actually perform.
I’m so grateful to work with Kimberly and the entire APWireless team for their tireless efforts. If anyone wishes to contact me I would be happy to share my experience. If you are considering the possibility of selling your cell tower lease, I strongly urge you to talk to APWireless.

Robert P. Mentore
Vice President
Kearny, NJ

Carl W. Wahmhoff | March 2015 View

To Whom It May Concern:

Having just completed our very satisfactory transaction with APWireless on our cell tower, I would like to thank Joseph and Annie for making the transaction such a pleasant experience. There were many facets to be covered but they made it virtually painless, covering all the bases with me in Florida, the tower and my records in Michigan and they working out of California. Have not met either one but feel like they are close friends after so many pleasant phone calls and other communications. Looking forward to any future business with them.


Carl W. Wahmhoff
Gobles, MI

Art Scalfaro | March 2015 View

To whom it may concern; I began working with Mike almost a full year ago. We completed a lot of the "groundwork" necessary for a sale of my cell tower lease with Sprint. Due to my lack of concern in closing this deal in 2014 I told Mike I would get back with him shortly after the new year began 2015. I provided him with the necessary documents to move our deal forward. This sale closed last week on March 26th. My intentions today are to congratulate Mike for the outstanding job he performed and to recognize that Mike is truly a professional! He is polite and kind (very important) and well spoken. His work ethic has been outstanding and his efficiency and effectiveness speak for themselves. He did a fabulous job in this transaction and deserves the compliments and recognition of APWireless as an "outstanding" employee.


Art Scalfaro
Berwyn, IL

Pinnacle Investment Partners | March 2015

I trusted Lawrence and APWireless to perform. I passed on a higher offer from a competitor due to this trust. My trust was rewarded, as we completed the transaction without any surprises.

Mark Nicholson
Morgan Hill, CA

Larry Gomez | March 2015

I would highly recommend APWireless to other clients. I found Clint and Rachel to be both very professional and helpful. Thanks to my transaction with APWireless I will be able to pay off debt and still have money left to invest elsewhere.

Larry Gomez
Walsenburg, CO

Art Alley | March 2015

Future APWireless Clients!

Over the last seven years my wife and I received many requests from an assortment of "Site Acquisition Companies" - Spoke briefly with a couple of them including APWireless, but decided to continue our original course. Time passes - life changes- We received another inquiry from APWireless and the first of many phone conversations and emails followed with Alan. We found him to be knowledgeable, honest, and friendly!

Alan and his professional team worked diligently to complete our transaction without an NDA (Non- disturbance agreement) with the current mortgage lender of our property! This was accomplished with team work by us and APWireless but especially with the direction and dedication Of Alan!!

If you are reading this then we assume you are considering a similar transaction- Please consider APWireless as your partner--- You won't be disappointed!!

Happy Trails!!

The Alleys
Brier, WA

Gary W Clyden | March 2015

On or about late November 2014 I was contacted by Benjamin about a possible buyout of a lease my family holds on a cell tower located on our property. Benjamin sent us brochures describing a company known as APWireless. After informing Benjamin that we would be interested in selling our existing lease, he made a monetary offer for the buyout of that lease. Copies of contracts were then provided in a timely manner, allowing us to have plenty of time to review them prior to making our decision.

During the whole process following the desire to sell our lease, both Benjamin and a paralegal named Annie were there to answer any questions or wants that we required. They provided both e-mail addresses as well as phone numbers to guide us through the process. On March of 2015 the process was completed when the monetary offer, quoted to us at the beginning of the process was received.

I thank everyone involved and because I live on the property, please feel free to call if something needs to be checked out on the lease.

Thank you

Gary W Clyden and family
Fay, OK

Peter Brennan | February 2015

My experience with the company and Mr. Miller was excellent. Mr. Miller answered all questions and followed through on all matters. We had other proposals for the purchase of the site at prices similar to APWireless but the representatives were less forthcoming than APWireless.

Peter Brennan
Yuba City, CA

Cyrus Steed | February 2015

My contact was very informative and available with answers to my questions, this made the process very little trouble for me. This deal will make me look at properties that have cell towers in a different light, since we invest in timberland, topography is a key element for loggability, and this provides us another angle.

Cyrus Steed
Lincoln, AL

Masso Family Trust | February 2015

The process was longer than expected but the APWireless group did an outstanding job to get the deal closed. Tim and Stephanie were great to work with throughout the transaction.

Carl Leatherman
Brownsville, TX

Kenneth Newell | January 2015

I was very well pleased with APWireless in this transaction. Mr. Harvey was at great assist to me during the whole transaction. I would recommend APWireless to anyone wishing or thinking selling their wireless tower lease. Now I will be able to pay off debts and do things I wish to do but never had the money. Thanks APWireless

Kenneth Newell
Adamsville, TN

Alicia Gubbins | December 2014

Alan was so delightful to work with during our transactions with APWireless. He is friendly and very excellent communicator. He provided answers to questions I didn't even know to ask. I felt very comfortable with our communications leading up to the transaction, during the transaction and afterwards. Very thorough and a pleasure throughout.

Alicia Gubbins
Oakland, FL

Nicholas Samios | December 2014

This letter is to recognize A.J., representing APWireless, the buyer, for his exemplary work this year in a transaction involving the sale of 1799 19th Ave., LLC's rights to the cash flow of an AT&T cell tower.

A.J. followed through in a timely fashion with all his commitments and promises made, and in a professional and cordial manner.

He was a pleasure to deal with all though the negotiations, the due diligence period, and on to settlement, handing several obstacles very professionally. He even went beyond his responsibilities in dealing with some issues after settlement.

I would enthusiastically recommend A. J. to anyone considering selling their cell tower cash flow rights.

Nicholas Samios
Westminster, MD

Robert D. Gates | December 2014 View

The first I heard of APWireless was when we received a letter from them asking about the cell tower. There was a phone number which we called & Mike was the person we talked to. He told us about one of your offers but we weren't interested.

Mike called us several times & we ended up working out a deal. Thanks to Mike each time that we weren't satisfied with the wording he was very nice at either changing it, or explaining why they couldn't.

I appreciate his honesty & the way he handled our deal.

Thanks Mike.

Robert D. Gates
Laverne, OK

VBR Corporation | November 2014

Everything that was said would happen as far as time frame, payout, legal matters all happened right on time as discussed. The transaction went very smoothly, everyone we dealt with was professional and friendly. I would recommend APWireless to anyone who would like to sell their lease.

Rick Kennedy
Columbus, OH

Dan Davidson | November 2014

Kim is an incredible asset for your company! Her ability to take a fairly complex situation and reduce it down to the most simplest of terms is amazing. Her follow through and tenacity is second to none. Even though we had some rough spots along the way, Kim kept us completely informed throughout the process. She is someone I would like to do business with again in the future.

Dan Davidson
Overland Park, KS

Larry Scheffler | November 2014

I was surprisingly satisfied with the service and the patience of Clint. I don't have the best patience traits yet Clint stayed professional and patient with me. I would highly recommend APWireless to anyone based on my excellent experience.

Larry Scheffler
Henderson, NV

Barbara Humble | September 2014

Our dealings with APWireless went very well. Mr. Lawrence was very capable & patient in explaining all areas of the contract with us. The company did what they said they would do and without long waiting periods. Since we are retired, the funds that we will receive will be used to supplement our SS income in operational expenses. Based on our current experience with APWireless, we feel APWireless would deserve your consideration if you are looking to sell your tower lease in the future.

Barbara Humble
Sterling City, TX

Alvin Adams Jr. and Sons Trucking | August 2014 View

Hi Mike,

It was a pleasure doing business with you. We had some bumps in the road (Right of First Refusal for US Cellular, and an old Mortgage with USDA) but you handled everything like the pro you are.

Alvin & Rosie are very pleased with the transaction & thank you for all you did to see this through.

Thank You Very Much!


Kay Elwood
Operations Manager
Adams Trucking

Laurence & Bettie Sacotte | July 2014 View

“Thank you” just does not seem enough to say how we feel about everything you have done for us. It was such a pleasure and privilege speaking to you. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate the time and commitment you made to make sure we felt comfortable and answered any questions or concerns we had, no matter the time, day or evening.

At all times every effort was made from you to ensure we were happy and satisfied with every aspect of this transaction as it moved forward. I can honestly say we were ecstatic when everything was complete. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you Jeff!

I would recommend you highly to anyone moving forward in the future.


Laurence & Bettie Sacotte
Luxemburg, WI

Bill & Laurel Ingraham | July 2014

Jeff has been very helpful from the beginning in explaining everything and answering all of our questions. Any time something came up that we didn’t understand all we had to do was call Jeff and if he didn’t have the answer he would be sure to get it for us. Through the process we feel we have made a friendship not just a business transaction. We would recommend Jeff and APWireless to anyone to get the job done with complete satisfaction. We’re very happy with the deal we made.

Bill & Laurel Ingraham
Poynette, WI

Patrick Pierce | July 2014

We had a Sprint/Nextel cell site that was decommissioned a year ago March. We went from having a great tenant to no tenant in a matter of a couple months. Fortunately we were able to bring Sprint back last December signing a 30 year lease. My partners and I decided trusting in a Cell Company and the income stream they provided was not a sure bet. We contacted APWireless and found the value of the site, payable in a lump sum by APWireless, was too great to pass up. APWireless took care of all of the paperwork and the costs of sale. They were always available to answer questions and to work with us on the terms and language of the contracts. The closing funds were paid out the same day we closed the transaction. Everything went smoothly and as they promised. We could not be happier with the service and performance of all of those we worked with at APWireless, especially Kimberly, who was in constant contact to insure everything was done to our satisfaction. Thank you to APWireless and Kimberly!

Patrick Pierce
San Diego, CA

William Walling | July 2014

Mr. Lawrence went all out to help me through the entire process, from the first time we talked until the closing. I am 77 years old, closed hundreds of restless deals, none any smoother than this one – thanks again! I paid my note down, got a nice rate and cut my payment almost in half. Anyone wanting to sell income I highly recommend APWireless.

William Walling
Highlands, TX

Oscar Broome | June 2014

Had a good experience with the entire staff, they were very professional and had an answer for all questions. I would recommend anybody with a cell tower to listen to their offer. Thanks APWireless.

Oscar Broome
Sumrall, MS

Geneva and Robert Valouche | June 2014

My mother and I had the best experience we have ever had for a financial transaction. Our contact was Alan, and he was the most personal business professional that I had ever dealt with. Alan explained every step that we had to do and answered all of our questions in a down to earth matter which we were very pleased with. My mother and I would recommend APWireless to anyone. They are outstanding!

Geneva and Robert Valouche
Texline, TX

Donna Hudson | June 2014

Wow today was a great day! Thank you Joseph for a great experience at APWireless. I have to say you made my decision, a worthwhile one, without you I may not have been able to make a decision so quickly. You made me feel like I was talking to someone very honest and someone who cared. There was nothing I asked that you did not answer, and if it was in question you would get a legal opinion. Your solutions always fitted my needs. From beginning of our initial conversation to the last words we spoke you were the most honest caring business person I ever met.

Donna Hudson
Rolla, MO

Colleen J Staeck | May 2014

I’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who made this life changing event possible. My skies are bluer and my life freer, Thank YOU!
A bigger and more personal THANKS to my APWireless representatives for your time, accessibility, honesty and wonderful personalities. They always made me feel like my questions were valid and they answered them thoroughly, leaving me feel like we were always on the same page on the same team. Their work was done with great professionalism and I hope APWireless realizes what champions they have in them! Keep up the fine work!
With much gratitude and sincerity.

Colleen J Staeck
Gleason, WI

Rick Lodewyck | May 2014

I recently completed a transaction with APWireless in which our organization sold an easement on our roof and the cell tower leases that presently exist on that roof. We found APWireless to provide very competitive pricing for the transaction, and they were very diligent and responsive in dealing with us and the various issues that arose. We also found them to be very agreeable in our negotiations with them as to the contract terms and conditions that would apply. I can recommend APWireless without reservation for such a transaction and in fact, I just did exactly that. APWireless is presently in discussions for a very similar transaction with a city club with which I am an active member and a former president.

Rick Lodewyck – Member & Manager
Saint Louis, MO

Scott Seibel | May 2014

My partner and I were contacted by Sean with APWireless and were able to quickly arrange a face to face meeting. The timing was perfect because we had recently (within the last year) purchased the property and did not know a lot about our rights regarding the cell tower. Also interestingly, we were recently contacted by another provider who offered us not so favorable terms for a 99 year lease. Sean from APWireless was VERY HELPFUL in explaining what APWireless could do for us and the benefits of selling our lease to them. The terms were favorable, the lease was only 50 years, and we have the ability to capture more income if other carriers want to use our site. Thank you APWireless and, yes, I would recommend other landowners with cell sites to work with APWireless.

Scott Seibel
Arsenal Street, LLC

Renee Cox | April 2014

I would like to thank everyone at APWireless, especially my APWireless representative for helping me in achieving a piece of mind. After my divorce I struggled to make ends meet, I did have my monthly rents from my cell tower but even with that I still had to struggle from payday to payday. My APWireless representative listened to me and what I was hoping to achieve and was key in my decision to move ahead with the transaction between myself and APWireless. They stayed on top of everything and there was never any lack of communication or willingness to answer any questions or concerns that I had. My whole experience with APWireless was a very good experience.

Renee Cox
Richland, MO

Alexis Tapp | April 2014

About two years ago, a couple of lease buyout firms approached me regarding the possibility of purchasing the revenue stream from my family’s cell tower lease. Both companies talked a big game and made a lot of promises, neither of which kept those promises. Then I was blessed to be contacted by APWireless, and everything changed.

From the beginning APWireless was honest, informative, and willing to give 100% effort to bring me a satisfactory deal. But the thing that made doing business with them so different than the unpleasant experiences I’d had with other lease buyout firms, was that they went the extra mile to get me a deal that brought me both pride and satisfaction from our supportive relationship, a fair contract, an effortless closing, and prompt funding. While the whole team at APWireless presented themselves in a professional manner, it was the warmth, patience, and personal attention provided by both my APWireless representative and the legal department, that really made this experience different and rewarding. I was so impressed with the time and patience they had to go through each document more than once and explain legal descriptions until I was comfortable that I understood each word, all the while being reassured and kept in the loop.

Because of my prior experiences, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of apprehension about whether APWireless would be another dud or a game changer. Fortunately, this company does what they say they are going to do, and now I have a nothing but great things to say about the APWireless team and the successful outcome that came from working with them. They have helped change the future for my family. I now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to reinvest the money that resulted from the well placed trust in APWireless.

I’m so grateful to the APWireless team for their expertise and tireless efforts. I’m also happy to share my success with those of you, who like myself, don’t know who to trust with such a valuable asset in this fast changing environment. If you are considering the possibility of selling your cell tower lease, APWireless will take care of you in such a special way that you may wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Alexis Tapp
Wylie, TX

Don and Carol Sims | April 2014

I would like to thank APWireless staff for all the help they gave me with the negotiations for the acquisition of my cell phone lease. They were all very helpful with every question I had. I am very satisfied with working with APWireless and hope to continue our relationship.

I would also like to thank Shella Contrell with Commercial Lender and Service for the help she provided with the closing documents.

If I have left anybody out I apologize, I am thankful for all the assistance in making the decision to go with APWireless.


Don and Carol Sims
Sammamish, WA

David LaFore | March 2014

I have owned several business over the last 25 years and have negotiated deals with many organizations. In all of my years as a business owner, I have never worked with an organization that has been so persistent, patient and willing to put in every effort it takes to get a deal done. The transaction I completed with APWireless took almost two years because two separate mortgage holders were fighting over the details of the agreement. Stephanie Bergstrom and her staff worked relentlessly to negotiate a deal that all parties could feel good about. Their professionalism, thoughtfulness and persistence is hard to find in any organization today. I would highly recommend working with them.

David LaFore – DTSI Commercial Properties
Lakewood, CO

April Beall | March 2014

I was very impressed. My contact was very knowledgeable, personal, and informational when I asked. He kept his word on all of his promises and went the extra mile to do it. When you are as old as I am it is a relief to have my home paid in full.

Also because of him I am able to take the dream trip with my friends. I will always be grateful for the phone call from him.

April Beall
Galveston, TX

Pamela Murray | March 2014

Right from the start, Ed from APWireless impressed us with his efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for in the sale of our cell site. APWireless presented a competitive offer, as well as a trusted advisor and partner through the whole process. By partnering with Ed Bergstrom, we were able to close the sale of our cell site with a competitive price with some who could trust that he had not only his company interest but ours as well.

Because of Ed Bergstrom perseverance, knowledge of the industry and most of all his integrity, I would recommend anyone interested in selling their site to APWireless.


Pamela Murray
Lynnwood, WA

Ben and Maria Wahl | February 2014

We would like to thank Jonathan and the APWireless team for their patient guidance and clear explanation of the lease sale process. At first we were skeptical so we had many questions! Our questions were all answered. They were easily accessible in our communications from beginning to end. Jonathan was very friendly and personable with us. There were no surprises and it closed in a timely way just as they had said. We are satisfied and believe we made the right decision, a very timely one for us.

Thank you again!

Ben and Maria Wahl
Big Bear Lake, CA

Linda Carroll | February 2014

Matt was a very sharp salesman, who never gave up trying to sell our tower. It was a long process, but with the amount of money they offered us and the way we wanted our payments to be, sounded like a wise investment that we could handle with the taxes. As of now, I don’t have any problems with APWireless and we enjoyed working with Matt.

Linda Carroll
Brimfield, IL

Gary and Carmin Flowers | January 2014

We would like to thank you for all the facilitation you did in our tower transaction. You were so helpful in providing us information that we needed to make our decisions, so patient with our hesitations, reservations, and busy schedules that would have frustrated most people, and so friendly and personable to talk to and to meet in person.

You did not pressure us when we were having busy schedules and medical issues and either worked around them or graciously waited till the time we told you we could readdress it. Our many questions (sometimes needing explanation several times) were met with patience and your role as a facilitator between the lawyers and us, with all the emails were very prompt, knowledgeable, courteous and patient.

You made sure that all our concerns were addressed to our satisfaction. As we moved a little slow in our decision making, we became increasingly impressed as time went on, with your respectfulness of our status and your constant cheerfulness. You made the experience a good one. We are hoping for a good future for this tower and future lessees on it.

Thank you again,

Gary and Carmin Flowers
Litchfield, MN

Ernest Fleischer | January 2014

The deal terms provided a payment at closing equal to all future certain cash payments and participation in future cash flows to be negotiated by APWireless, which knows far more than my family about enhancing Tower revenue.

Ernest Fleischer
Mission Hills, KS

Shirley Drake | January 2014

APWireless has been very professional and knowledgeable during our interactions. They were very helpful and had a lot of patience with the questions I had about everything. I really appreciate the expertise that Ben Necaise has shown throughout our dealings.

Shirley Drake

Reza Karimipour | November 2013

My experience with APWireless was truly a smooth, no hassle or headache. Their rep (very professional) goes over everything and explains it in a laymen’s term so you can understand the terms, content of the contract, and tax benefits available to you. They are fair and flexible when it comes to adjusting their contract to protect your and their interest.

Reza Karimipour
Tallahassee, FL

Gilbert Butler | November 2013

From start to finish, the people at APWireless were responsive, easy to work with, and flexible. Jeff and Mike were the two I worked with and I enjoyed a pleasant and amicable working relationship with them.

Gilbert Butler
Roanoke, VA

Jay Rosenbaum | October 2013

Thank you for all your help with the transaction we had with you.

From our first phone call in July to the closing on September 25, 2013, it was a very efficient and easy transaction.
We found all the people we dealt with at APWireless were professional and responsive to any issues or questions we had.

Again, we appreciate you spear heading this deal and look forward to our future partnership together.


Jay Rosenbaum
Managing Member, Woodmen Retail Center
Colorado Springs, CO

Theodore Timms | October 2013

I had a great experience with the lawyer and his representative. They were so cordial and explained to me everything on every step of the way. They answered all of my questions and returned my calls within hours. I really enjoyed working with APWireless Team.

This transaction will allow me and my wife to pay for a nurse to come in and help us all day while we are at work. It will also help me with a few bills. Everything happened so on time.

I would 100% recommend APWireless to other potential client.

Theodore Timms
Dallas, TX

Frank Thompson | September 2013

When I was contacted by APWireless, my first impression was “for APWireless to get a decent return on investment, they will not be able to afford what I feel the property is worth”.

However, in working with Kim, who refused to accept my response, I learned that your investment is also based on your ability to increase future revenues. We had many conversations over a period of a month or so. Topics such as tax ramifications, payment schedules and legal terms, had to meet my financial goals.

Working with Kim, whom I’m sure thought “where is this guy coming from” along with APWireless’ legal department, we did manage to strike a deal that was satisfactory to both parties.

I appreciated the flexibility, knowledge and personal attention that was provided me by Kim Uecker and APWireless.

Frank Thompson
South Padre Island, TX

Susan Aukerman | August 2013

I am Susan Aukerman, recent client. I wanted to let everyone I could know what a wonderful and professional job the entire APWireless team and Kimberly Uecker did for me.

She was always on the mark and on top of her game. There was never a time I wasn’t thoroughly informed of everything!

We had some bobbles here and there to get this deal through, but Kimberly was right there to see us through, with enthusiasm and perseverance. I truly could keep going on of my wonderful experience with her.

In my opinion, she is a tremendous asset to the team!

Yours truly,

Susan Aukerman
Jenkinsburg, GA

Bob Eagle | March 2013

I am very glad that APWireless contacted me about purchasing an easement on my Cell Tower Lease. This Company in general have been a blessing to work with and they have gone the extra mile to ensure our understanding of the process and their commitment to the end results.  They are Fair and Honest in their dealings and have answered each of my numerous questions, regardless of my skepticism.

In these times, the person who is not a skeptic is generally taken, but APWireless team understood this and basically held my hand completely throughout the process.  At times I felt like APWireless had my number in speed dial, they were so good at keeping me informed.

I talked with Steve, their V.P. who was also gracious and understanding of my fears.  If you deal with these guys you can rest assured they understand  your fears and work with you to prove they are who they say they are.

I am very Satisfied with the Deal I received from everyone there at APWireless. APWireless took a lot of stress off of me.


Bob Eagle

Kenneth W. Crenshaw | March 2013

I am very glad that APWireless contacted me about purchasing my cell tower lease. This Company has bent over backwards for me to get the purchase completed. They are fair and honest in their dealings. I had a lot of things going against me like tax liens and back taxes on the property and a mortgage.

They went to work and got the deal done. I just wish other companies out there would be as competent in their business as APWireless. Lyan Padrigon with APWireless kept me updated often with what was happening and how things were going. I am very satisfied with the deal I received from everyone there at APWireless. Thanks a lot to APWireless for everything they did for me as it took a lot of stress off of me.

APWireless is a company to deal with.


Kenneth W. Crenshaw

Robert D. Phillips | February 2013

Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to thank you and your co-workers for all the dedication and support you gave to me with the Silverado cell tower lease.
You did an outstanding job, always keeping in contact with me and asking if there is anything else that I needed. You always followed up on my calls and email. Again you were very alert and attentive. Please thank Este and Rachel, for all the help. You and everyone that I talked to at APWireless were very polite and professional. Everything that we talked about and agreed to, did happen the way that we agreed. Again thank you for a very rewarding experience, and I have to say a lot of fun at times.
Hope you have a great new year.

Thank you,

Robert  D. Phillips

Ron Real | January 2013

I really appreciate how hard you worked and the professionalism you demonstrated on the purchase of my cell site. After speaking with several of your competitors it was clear I was going to get the best price and terms with you. I appreciate your no-nonsense approach; investing the time to understand my situation and what options were in my best interest.

Your understanding of the industry and ability to apply solutions to my situation with a reinvestment strategy with a much greater and safer rate of return than collecting rent, gave me the peace of mind and confidence to trust you with my business. Your ability to maximize the value of my site and after tax net proceeds were very outstanding. As a result of your honesty, integrity and competence throughout the entire process I would gladly recommend you and APWireless to any other site owner considering selling their site. Thanks again for your help and expertise on a job well done.


Ron Real
Pipe Creek,TX

Kamal Biggham | December 2012

My name is Kamal Biggham and I have recently had the privilege of working with an awesome group of individuals at APWireless. When APWireless first contacted me about their interest in making an offer on my cell phone tower, I was a little apprehensive due to not knowing much about APWireless and what they were offering. But through her professional yet compassionate explanations of the process and all the great opportunities involved, I quickly trusted in their vision not only in the short term, but more importantly in the long term benefits of taking advantage of the amazing opportunity they offered. As we moved forward with the deal, Kristi and the staff at APWireless were always open and ready to answer any questions or concerns of mine.

It was so refreshing to work with people that actually care about your investments and want to see both sides happy in the end. I would strongly recommend working with APWireless, not only are they a great company with a lot of financial opportunity, but they are also great people that really care about their work and their clients’ overall happiness. Thank you Kristi and the staff at APWireless for a job well done and for a fruitful opportunity that will benefit me and my family for years to come.

Best Regards,

Kamal Biggham

George H. Martin, Jr | September 2012

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the way you handled the recent  transaction between APWireless and myself. The entire process was a pleasant experience and you were at all times very polite and professional in handling the many obvious concerns I expressed to you.
Again thank you for your efforts.

George H. Martin, Jr

Regal Court Condominium Association | August 2012

We were pleased and impressed with our experience in working with Clint Grey of APWireless. He is most professional in his manner. Clint has handled our transaction with care and attention. He was very helpful in explaining each stage of the transaction in order to keep us informed of each step. He is a very caring young man. It has been a pleasure dealing with Clint and the APWireless team.

Thank you for your help and expertise.

D. Allen
President, Board of Directors

CDJ Distillery, L.L.C | April 2012

We wanted to take a minute to thank you for being extremely patient with our entire procedure. As our situation was a long protracted experience, we found that your group showed compassion, patience and provided the education necessary to complete this unique transaction.

The last few years have been extremely tough on small business and working with APWireless was easy. Other companies, your competitors, were at times deceptive and we felt that they really would do, or say anything to make the deal work, including negative comments about their competition. At a time when very few companies deliver as promised, APWireless did. Thank You.

Thank you for your consideration!


Charles A.J Gachot III “Chip”
Managing Member & Property Manager

Joseph Schwenker | March 2012

I want to communicate our overall assessment of the service quality related to the recent purchase of our four cell site leases by APWireless. After being approached by a competitor of yours, I reached out to APWireless and one other candidate buyer of cell site lease rents.

Unlike others in your industry, Mr. Harvey came accross as both technically knowledgeable and professional manner. He was very informative, not pushy (unlike some of your competition) yet insistent on earning our business.

I believe APWireless demonstrated integrity by putting forth a fair offer from the outset. As someone who has been in the commercial real estate industry for over 25 years I was unfamiliar with the intricacies of cell tower leases. Mr. Harvey and his team did a nice job of explaining the nuances to us. After much consideration and offers from the other two companies, my partners and I decided to go with APWireless in large part due to trust we had in Mr. Harvey as well as the terms of the offer.

APWireless performed like Mr. Harvey represented they would and closed our transaction in under 30 days. The transaction ended up closing as was stated in the LOI without any re-trading or changing of terms. APWireless was thorough, prompt and professional and we are very happy with the result of our decision to sell.

We would gladly recommend APWireless to anyone that is interested in selling their cell site rents.


Joseph Schwenker
Managing Member

Vernon Mast | January 2012

I want to thank APWireless for a job well done. It was a very prompt and professional business experience. I would recommend APWireless in the future.

Vernon Mast

Michele Schabbing | December 2011

My husband and I recently spoke to APWireless staff several times regarding a cell phone tower lease buyout. They were very patient and informative during this process. Everybody was friendly and polite at all times and really was the very key that put this deal together. Without speaking to someone the whole time during the process I’m not sure that we would have made any kind of agreement. We really appreciate all the help and information that he shared with us. No matter how many times I called APWireless and asked questions everybody always was helpful and very patient.

Thank you,

Michele Schabbing

Monte M Cassels | December 2011

I wanted to let you know that my experience in this transaction has impressed me to no end. It is a sheer pleasure doing business with people that know what they are doing. I was a little dubious about this closing taking place as you told me, but it actually closed sooner than I expected and the money was transferred to my bank before I expected it. Everything took place just as you said, I really appreciate you keeping me informed as the transaction progressed, even your call to tell me that my monies had already been wire transferred to in my Bank.

Rating this business deal from 0 to 10, I give it a 10. In all my years of conducting business, this has been the smoothest transaction I have ever been involved in. Thanks again for making it a pleasure doing business with APWireless.

Monte M Cassels

Jean Woodham | December 2011

APWireless has been so helpful, he has been diligent in doing everything he said he would do. He has kept me informed on every move and explained it so I could understand it.

You are very lucky to have such dedicated people working for you.

They are very knowledgeable and friendly; it has been a pleasure working with them.

Jean Woodham

McCulloch Building | November 2011

While we are not in the “cell phone antenna” business, we have appreciated the unexpected financial gains due to our selling the roof top site to APWireless.

The transactions were handled professionally and always with courtesy. Any questions we had were promptly answered.

While we merely signed the paperwork, APWireless did all the legwork in order to get us our check in a timely manner.

Thank you APWireless!!

H L Gaston III
Managing Partner for MBO, LLC

James and Michelle Ricks | November 2011

My husband and I would like to give you and your company many thanks for handling our tower deal. We know a CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF TIME was taken for this PROJECT. We do think that you had our interest as well as yours in mind! This, alone, is commendable! James and I have inherited property, so we want to be responsible and make correct informed choices.

We were glad that you showed great empathy and patience with us! We did have many special issues that needed to be addressed! Your company took time and researched each issue. For example, the AT&T hook-up.

In conclusion, Christie took our special circumstance as more than an obligation, but a privilege to calculate the best for us all!!

James and Michelle Ricks

Michael Haberman, on behalf of June Bramble | October 2011

My name is Michael Haberman, and acting on the behalf of my mother-in-law, June Bramble, I coordinated with APWireless for the sale of her lease with T-Mobile.

I am writing to inform you that I consider myself very fortunate to have had APWireless to work with. Company was very knowledgeable and courteous. All staff were more than willing to assist me in whatever I needed. They could be reached at any time and always answered my questions and made me feel comfortable. They may have been talking with a client, but made me feel like a friend. I wish I could work with more people like them.

In closing, I would like to express my complete satisfaction with APWireless. Thank you for a very smooth and painless transaction.

Very Respectfully,

Michael Haberman

Michelle Ricks | October 2011

God Bless you and your company. Many thanks to you!

Michelle Ricks

William O. Fusselbaugh III | October 2011

Thank you for conducting a smooth transaction and unlocking our idle equity in our communications tower in Durham, North Carolina. The securitization of our revenue stream was timely and of competitive market value. From letter of intent to closing APWireless executed efficiently, professionally and with no divergence from pricing or process as originally set forth. I appreciate your extra effort in working with the legal matters associated with our lender and making this transaction happen. Let’s do another one!


William P. Fusselbaugh III
Managing Director

Michael L. Estus | September 2011

Our firm owns a portfolio of commercial office building’s including several cellular antennas. We chose APWireless because they offered a fair price and a reasonable contract. APWireless worked well with our legal counsel and closed the transaction quickly.

Michael L. Estus
Paradigm Realty Advisors, L.L.C.

Bill Nabors | September 2011

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in introducing this opportunity to us and all of your help in bringing the sale of the cell site lease to a satisfactory conclusion.

Thanks again.

Bill Nabors
Warlick Glass, Inc.

Joe Geason | September 2011

You guys were good to work with did what you said and followed through in a timely manner also had a good handle on the market price thanks again.

Joe Geason

Tyrone and Debby Moore | August 2011

It was a pleasure working with APWireless to buy out our lease agreement with AT&T. Dan and Eric made the process go really well.
Dan was awesome in keeping me updated and Eric was great on the paper work. Great job guys!

Tyrone and Debby Moore

John Klinnert | August 2011

I would like to personally thank APWireless, for working with us on a recent cell tower transaction. Sales Director was very patient, courteous and honest in the time we dealt with him. APWireless was very flexible with our bank to make sure everyone was satisfied with the terms of the sale. The closing happened quickly and professionally. They were straight-forward to work with and I would highly recommend them for any transaction you might be considering with them.

John A Klinnert
President, JK Sports Inc

Lon L. Baptista | July 2011

I decided to call APWireless after receiving a flyer from them in the mail. I contacted Bruce Young and felt he was very professional, knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions. All documentation was provided resulting in a quick and easy transaction that I believe was very fair. He kept me updated throughout the entire process. Bottom line: there were no surprises. He did what they said he would do. I would definitely do business with APWireless again.


Lon Baptista
Turlock, CA

John D. Strawser | June 2011

It’s been a pleasure dealing with you folks. I feel I have been treated fairly by a no-nonsense straight up organization and will recommend APWireless whenever I have the opportunity. There were no less than four companies competing for my lease.

Thank you,

John D. Strawser

W.C. McCall M.D. and Linda McCall | May 2011

We have been very pleased with the relationship we have had with Tim Groves in your San Diego office of APWireless. He kept us informed every step of the way with personal phone calls, not phone messages. He answered all of our questions and promised we would have our check within 30 days and we did.

Thank you so very much!

W.C. McCall M.D.
Linda McCall
Murrieta, CA

Mrs. Eliza Fife | December 2010

I had occasion to deal with Louis as a representative of APWireless in buying my contract that I had with a Cell Tower Company. In all his dealings with me he was very professional and straightforward and the transaction was finished without complications in less than a month.

Mrs. Eliza R. Fife
Salt Lake City, Utah

Central Vacuum Stores | November 2010

Thank you very much for completing my lease prepayment transaction on my MetroPCS site. I would highly recommend your company to anyone. Besides being very professional, you delivered what you promised and funded very quickly and reliably. The entire transaction took 30 days from start to finish and you didn’t ask for a lot of paperwork. I really appreciate the fact that you did not charge closing costs or prorated rents like the other company I spoke to. The number you quoted me at the beginning was the number I received when we closed.

Overall, I think the process went very smooth and everybody inside and outside your organization worked together as a team to make sure it was an efficient process and that customer satisfaction was achieved.

Thank you very much and do not hesitate to use me as a reference.


Roger Ambrose
Central Vacuum Stores