Maximize the Value of Your Cell Site

AP Wireless Infrastructure Partners (“APWireless”) is uniquely-positioned to help you maximize the value of your cell site:

Large Payouts. APWireless will pay a large, up-front lump sum cash amount in return for an interest in your cell site. The longer the interest conveyed to APWireless, the larger the payout.

Flexible Terms. We offer extremely flexible terms and conditions. You want to maximize the up-front cash amount? We’ll prepay your rent for a perpetual term. You want both a large, up-front lump sum plus cash rent in the future? We’ll structure a fixed-term deal with a rent reversion.

Significant Potential “Upside”. APWireless has been mandated to build a portfolio of cell site assets over a period of many years. During this time, we will seek to maximize the value of our portfolio. It is therefore in our interest to add as many wireless carriers to your site as we can. And when we do we will share the resulting cash rent liberally with you.

Experienced, Professional Approach. The wireless industry has existed for a little more than two decades, and the cell site lease prepayment business is in its infancy. APWireless was founded in part because we believe that the industry is in need of a “professional services” approach. Our Directors of Acquisition and Site Development are each highly experienced professionals. We listen to our clients’ needs. We deliver creative and customized solutions designed specifically to meet them. We don’t offer a “canned” sales pitch. We know what we’re talking about.

Quick and Efficient Due Diligence Process. If you have been promised a “quick close” but encountered endless delays instead, you should try APWireless. Assuming you provide us with all required due diligence items we are fully prepared to close in 30 days or less.

About Our Investor

APWireless was established by Associated Partners, LP (“AP”) for the purpose of building a portfolio of high-quality telecommunications infrastructure assets. AP is a private investment and operating partnership managed by a long-standing core team of professionals with significant experience in the communications, internet/media, energy and infrastructure industries. AP has offices in New York and Philadelphia. Because APWireless is wholly-owned and funded by AP, we can close transactions quickly and efficiently – there is no waiting.