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Employee Testimonials was last updated July 31st, 2019 by APWireless

Dennis | Acquisition Director, Belgium

From day one I got support and help from everybody in and outside of the office. Nobody is ever too busy to help you out with whatever question you have.
You learn new skills every day and some you even start using in your day to day life.

Emmanuel | Acquisition Director, Belgium

I was used to a pyramidal hierarchy, so it took me some time to get used to the open and flat structure of APW. Now, I couldn’t work in another way. Senior APW members invite you to learn and adopt their methods so you can improve as an individual and support your team.
Every day is different, in and outside the office or even abroad during training. You can work in a way you feel comfortable managing your pipeline while doing your own research.

Nicolas | Acquisition Director, Belgium

I could easily write a long list of the positive aspects of working at AP Wireless: the flat hierarchy, the international family, the support that we all receive, the sheer challenge in the job, the laughs and talks I share with my colleagues. But if I need to choose one aspect which makes me want to work each day, it’s that each day is different. Each deal is different and triggers you to become better. With each obstacle I encounter, I can rely on my colleagues all over the globe. They give you the resources, the support and insights to overcome this. Each deal is a journey you share with the family.

Francisco | Acquisition Director, Brazil

Estou na área de telecomunicações a 21 anos, trabalhei em 23 estados brasileiros e em pelo menos 4 países, participei diretamente do nascimento aqui na América do Sul de 3 Tecnologias – GSM/3G e 4G,
Quando optei por mudar de área de atuação, focando em adquirir experiência e conhecimento em negociações e contratos a APW surgiu para mim como a melhor oportunidade de trabalho.
Agradeço e me esforço a cada dia a oportunidade de aprender mais e ter oportunidades, a APW é isso: OPORTUNIDADES!

Jacqueline | Site Acquisitions Manager, Canada

The support and encouragement I received from my peers and senior management was inspiring and heartening. I am proud to be part of a company that genuinely cares for its employees. They look for your true potential and unleash it!

Rene | Acquisition Team Leader, Chile

Llevo tres años cuatro meses y lo que mas me gusta en AP Wireless es que siempre estas aprendiendo, que tus metas personales dependen de ti en lograrlas, ya que la empresa siempre entrega las herramientas, para obtenerlas.
Lo que más me llamo la atención en AP WIRELESS que puedes conocer a los CEO de la compañía y tener una comunicación directa con tus superiores.

Farouk | Acquisition Director, Chile

Cuando inicie en la empresa me sentí muy a gusto, era un desafío personal muy grande y muy importante ya que era una excelente oportunidad laboral, entrar a TFGroup me ha permitido crecer en el ámbito personal y laboral, jamás me había sentido tan profesional en ninguna parte, donde siento que me valoran, personalmente me permitió poder llevar a cabo muchos sueños que para mí eran casi inalcanzables, hoy me siento un inversionista y empoderado de mi cargo, adquirí mucha seguridad tanto en lo personal como en lo laboral.

Rodrigo | Acquisition Director, Chile

Trabajando aquí y me he enfrentado a grandes desafíos, lo que me ha llevado a aprender mucho de los líderes que nos enseñan a ser cada día más constantes y a exigirnos cada vez más para cumplir nuestros sueños.

Eddie | Associate VP, Belgium & Ireland

The trust that the company shows in its staff allows everybody to work with a level of freedom. I have continuously gained new levels of professional experience, having filled various roles in the company throughout the 6 years. It is highly rewarding to work in a company with such an international mix of people. AP Wireless focuses on hiring people who will further enhance the existing positive “can do” culture that we possess.

Sebastian | Acquisition Director, Chile

La posibilidad de participar de crecer y de cumplir mis propios sueños ha sido extensa y no he perdido el tiempo en hacerlo. Tengo autonomía en cuanto a mis decisiones, la empresa confía plenamente en nuestro criterio a la hora de tomar decisiones que afectan directamente el patrimonio empresarial y las respeta. Creo profundamente que hay espacio para crecer y plantear nuestras necesidades.
Recomiendo Tfgroup (Ap Wireless Chile) en varios aspectos, en una empresa en desarrollo con mucho espacio para crecer donde no eres simplemente un número, eres parte de una organización.

Pascal | Acquisition Director, The Netherlands

AP Wireless understands that your personal life is important. When you sleep, others will work to get deals done or email you for the next day with crucial information that is needed. When they sleep, you are doing it the other way around.

Fernando | Acquisition Director, Portugal

It has been one year since I joined AP Wireless and it has been a fantastic experience. I had the opportunity to start the operation in a new country and the challenges started from day one. I really appreciated the way that different countries connect with one another in order to share their own experience over different markets while working towards the same goal.

Craig | Marketing Assistant, UK

I have been working at AP Wireless for a year and it has been the best 12 months of my working life. The positive attitude the company has, is certainly the main factor in making an excellent working environment and in boosting your confidence as an employee. Strengths are praised and weaknesses are developed instead of criticized. Personal development is encouraged and the company helps you all along the way for you to expand your knowledge and skill set.

Emyr | Acquisition Director, UK

I am surrounded by an experienced, diverse, flexible and friendly team across many countries and jurisdictions. This is exactly the working environment in which people can develop and make a difference. The company offers many growth and development opportunities and the chance to think outside the box and always find creative new ways to achieve the best results.

Ann | Paralegal, USA

This was unequivocally the best decision I have ever made. I did not accept a job; I joined a team full of passionate, brilliant, kind people who were all working together to build something big.
Build something big, we have! I have the ability to work with various departments, in jurisdictions all over the globe. To say that I am excited to come to work each day is truly an understatement.

Chris | VP of Information & Technology, USA

Since we operate in 20 countries around the world, you will be working with colleagues from various cultures in different languages, spanning multiple time zones. This makes the work environment a lot of fun. The employees at AP Wireless all share an entrepreneurial spirit, with a can-do attitude, which allows them to adapt quickly to changing needs and ensure continued success.

Ronan | Associate Director of Acquisition, Ireland

When dealing with specialized transactions, inevitably there are challenges that we meet and fresh obstacles that come out of the woodwork on any given deal; this is perhaps the most admirable trait of the company; obstacles are met with an immediate attempt to find a solution; we think outside the box and find ways to get it done. Decision making is proactive. The supportive and open culture in the company is to be commended.