APWireless: Proven “Win-win” Solutions for Wireless Carriers and Cell Tower Landlords Alike

In recent years, wireless carriers have employed contractors to reduce cell tower rents. Typically the contractor would staff a call center to contact landlords with a “canned” pitch: carriers were re-assessing their networks, and landlords could protect their site by accepting a significant rent reduction. In other words, service providers acted principally on behalf of wireless carriers, and against landlords.

This approach has contributed to a rising level of distrust between wireless carriers and cell tower landlords. APWireless have proven that there is a better way, a “win-win” solution that appeals to wireless carriers and cell tower landlords alike: cell tower lease buyouts.

At APWireless we have never contacted a single cell tower landlord, anywhere in the world, to reduce his or her rent. Ever. Our cell tower lease buyouts allow landlords to turn their cell tower rents into a significant amount of up-front cash, while at the same time, offering wireless carriers rent reductions and operational enhancements. As an intermediary, we earn a reasonable return on our investment. Everyone wins.

Aside from taking a more “evolved” approach to serving wireless carriers and cell tower landlords alike, we differ from other service providers in our space in material ways:

  • Scale. APWireless employs more than 200 highly experienced professionals in 35 cities located in 12 countries on five continents. We have invested more than $200 million in over 2,000 cell towers located around the world. Our equity investors, Associated Partners LP and KKR & Co., LP, are prepared to support the acquisition of many thousands more cell tower and rooftop antenna leases. In August of 2014 we issued $115 million of notes maturing 2019, for which we received the highest rating ever issued in our space: BBBsf, with a Stable outlook (by Fitch Ratings). We are also supported by other significant sources of debt funding.
  • Global Thinking, Local Implementation. We are not a U.S. service provider that has established a foreign call center or two. We are a truly global organization, staffed by local professionals, each with many years of local wireless infrastructure, site acquisition and real estate experience. Having already acquired thousands of cell towers world-wide, less than half of which are located in the United States, we do not offer theoretical solutions. Our solutions are based on skill honed in actual implementation – over and over again.
  • Substantive Approach. During the last four years we have quietly built our global platform, perfecting and then proving our local solutions, without engaging in any self-promotion. In many countries we have used local names, which has contributed to the relationships of trust we have built with our cell tower landlords. We serve the world’s largest tower companies and wireless carriers, many of whom have more than 100 sites with us. In total we serve more than 80 carriers and tower companies world-wide.
  • We Listen. Our company was designed and built by client service professionals. This means that, long before we offer potential solutions, we listen the needs of each landlord.
  • Unique, Creative, Local, Customized Solutions. Once we establish clearly and unambiguously exactly what our landlord’s goals and objectives are we use our deep experience and creativity to develop unique, customized solutions. We recognize that the global lease buyout industry is in its infancy and that the application of financial, tax, accounting and legal sophistication can yield surprising and often highly attractive results.
  • We Deliver. A unique, creative and customized solution is meaningless if it is not actually implemented. We do not rest until we deliver exactly what we have promised.
  • We Exceed Expectations. That said, delivering what we have promised is not enough. We seek to exceed expectations in everything we do. If we can pay a little more, we will. If we can close a little more quickly, we will. If we can add another wireless carrier to your cell tower, we will. If we think a structure can be optimized a bit further, we’ll tell you.
  • Ethics and Integrity in Everything We Do. We recognize that almost every decision we make, and every action we take entails an ethical choice. As leaders in our industry we adhere to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, without fail, and without compromise.

APWireless has proven more than 2,000 times, with more than 80 wireless operators and tower companies including all of the largest wireless carriers and tower companies in the world, that we can structure “win-win” solutions that offer unequaled benefits to wireless carriers and cell tower landlords alike. Ask yourself: can you afford to NOT do business with APWireless?

You will find links to our local headquarters world-wide here. APWireless looks forward to doing business with you.

APWireless: Proven “Win-win” Solutions for Wireless Carriers and Cell Tower Landlords Alike was last updated February 20th, 2019 by APWireless
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